Thursday, May 21, 2009

towing out

Camping ambulance is loaded, hair is red, and the transmission fluid filter has ALL its gaskets now. We're getting ready to tow out tonight.

We should probably remember to put the wheels back on the van before we leave.

Shockingly, we're mostly done with prep - new belts are on, brakes are bled, and Rob spent most of last night welding a box bracket to mount the racing seat (while we drank beer and tried not to stare at the bright light - important work). Once the bracket's in we're pretty much ready to race (except for the blown cv boot and the broken wheel stud... details.)

We should be unmissable on the track. Look for the giant rolling blue chicane.

Tape remaining on ambulance:
- roll cage padding
- paint wheels
- seat
- harness
- load on trailer


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  2. I think that should have read "Tape remaining on minivan." :-)
    Don't think either of the ambulances had to go through Tech/BS inspections (and I bet they'd both fail for various reasons)